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Bath Tub Reglazing

You might have considered replacing the tub in the bathroom which is utilized for bathing, but that may be costly and tedious to handle. Therefore, these days, homeowners that are smart give tub resurfacing a thought as the next thing that is big.

It is stressful to go in the market looking among scores of tubs to choose the one that fits your needs. Right from the type to purchase to display colors, the installation and transport, a lot of stress and you no longer want the tub.

Even though you have made the decision about purchasing the new tub, the old one has to be removed and the new one can be installed. You will have to remove a row of tiles and install new ones, or else, the tub could not be removed easily. There can be plumbing issues, and if your professionals are not helping, it can be costly at a later stage. Also, there is a lot of stress with replacing the tub and added costs too.

In the case of bathtub refinishing, you would not need to wait for long for the installation to end. Professionals will have to start by stripping the old paint away with the assumption that the tub got reglazed in the past, and then spray the tub once more. This job will take several hours and by the time it is late in the night, you would be having a new tub staring at you. The involved money will be a fraction to what that would be otherwise, and the involved time would not be more than six hours.

In case the tub is a great condition for utility, why think about doing tub resurfacing? If you replace your tub, you will have to remove surrounding tiles for you to remove the old tub. Therefore, if you have memories of this tub and would not want it to go, do bathtub reglazing and be happy. You can only do replacement if the tub is worn out, dead, and torn, not when you require a tub that is in a great condition, clean, and shiny.

Some people want to change the color of the tub which is fine, therefore, bathtub refinishing can be considered as the best option. You might have done the bathroom and would want the tub color to match the mise-en-scene and décor of the bathroom; therefore, do tub resurfacing and not replacement because replacement requires more time and money, and adds more stress.

The truth is that you will want to ensure that your work is completed safely and contractors from PBN go back without getting hurt in the process. Because refinishing the bathtub involves many chemicals that some of them are toxic, make sure that you ventilate the whole area before you begin. Also, use a ventilator to protect yourself, gloves, and safety goggles. After being protected, gather all necessary supplies and get going. Give the tub cursory cleaning and eliminate any loose gaskets and caulking.

The majority of tub resurfacing kits come with various chemicals. The leading two chemicals are cleaning solutions for removing oils and soaps from the tubs surface and prepare it for priming. The majority of kits need you to clean it with the solution, scrubbing it with sandpaper with a grit of 220 or 240. After scrubbing the tub thoroughly, rinse away all residues.

The other cleaning solution gets applied next, in most cases with a special cleaning pad that roughs or scores the tub’s surface. The second step removes the remaining soap or oil and provides a grab for the primer. You can then rinse the tub and then dry it with paper towels or an old towel.