Our Innovative, Improved Kinesiologic Tape

Sports injuries, pains, post-operative swelling and injuries can all be very effectively treated using kinesiologic tape, invented by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase. Now available in Germany for the very first time, “HealthTape” nylon kinesiologic tape offers significant improvements over the original cotton kinesiologic tape, along with the familiar scope of applications.

See the effectiveness of our innovative and improved “Health Tape” nylon kinesiologic tape for yourself ! The soothing and rapid effectiveness of our product is especially valued by high-performance athletes, such Germany’s junior national volleyball team, which we take care of. Test “HealthTape” in patient treatment for muscle, joint and vascular therapy. Nylon kinesiologic tape accelerates the healing process, especially after operations, in sports injuries and in the rehabilitation process.

Now you’ve got the optimization of your therapy in your hands! Especially if you are already holding samples of our “Health Tape” nylon kinesiologic tape in your hands. If this isn’t the case, we will be glad to send you a sample right away.

You can now get “HealthTape”, the innovative nylon kinesiologic tape, in Germany exclusively and at an advantageous price from Health & Tape.


  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon retains its elasticity in every direction even after very long application
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon is highly elastic
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon dries very quick
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon does not swell when wet so breathability can be maintained
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon is extremely robust and tear-resistant
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon is very light weight and as such very comfortable to wear
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon can be perfectly combined with cold and heat treatment
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon is latex free and dirt resistant
  • Kinesiologic tape from Nylon is heat-sensitive and is stabilizing body temperature – even if wet

Duration of application

Compared to regular cotton tape kinesiologic tapes from Nylon can be worn for a longer period because it retains more elastic and resilient even after long application. Our tip for helping the dermis to regenerate: Dead dermic cells should be removed after wearing the tape for 7 days. This will guarantee the full benefit from the extended duration of kinesiologic tape from Nylon.

Nylon and wet

Kinesiologic tape from Nylon have unbeatable features for usage in professional sports as well as for the treatment of your patients.

Kinesiologic tape from Nylon dries unbelievable quick! In less than 5 minutes your HealthTape will be dry again. It works even faster if wet is absorbed by a towel.

Kinesiologic tape from Nylon do not accumulate wetness! Therefore HealthTape doesn’t swell. Wetness is being channeled to the outside very quick. Therefore kinesiologic tape from Nylon is breathable, resistant to deformation and elastic – even if wet.

Cutaneous tolerance

Millions of women have been wearing Nylons for more than six decades now – the tolerability of Nylon could not be proven better. Of course cotton stockings would be no alternative.

Kinesiologic tapes from Nylon isolating features are very good and stabilize the body temperature – even if wet.

The lightweight of kinesiologic tapes from Nylon make them very comfortable to wear while avoiding pruritus. Additionally Kinesiologic Tapes from Nylon provide secure UV protection.

Skin adhesion

Undercoating of kinesiologic tape from Nylon is contributing in large parts to therapeutic possibilities of users.

The wave form adhesive used for most cotton tapes doesn’t limit the direction of the tapes activities as often is wrongly asserted. In the first run wave form adhesives provide for drainage to let wet drain off as fast as possible – e. g. at physical strain. This is very important because cotton fibres swell fast and extend when wet (swetting, bathing, taking a shower etc.). Also humidityputs on weight to cotton tapes, additionally affecting the adhesive features in a negative way, what in turn affects the possibilities of treatment. And cotton tapes get dirty easily while being wet.

For the new HealthTape we have succesfully used adhesives for many years. These are applied to the entire surface for providing a high adhesive strength, extreme robustness and a long duration of application.

After the application Kinesiologic Tapes from Nylon can be stripped from the dermis without residues; Wetness and dryness do not effect the easy and free of pain stripping.


Unlike cotton tapes HealthTapes stay elastic during the whole application. This should be considered when using Kinesiologic Tapes from Nylon.

For the application muscles have to be prestretched and the Kinesiologic Tape from Nylon has to be stretched gently. It’s in the users rich experience to stretch kinesiologic tape from Nylon as much as needed for excellent therapeutical results.

If improperly applied, the high elasticity of 10% prestretched Kinesiologic Tape from Nylon can cause slight skin irritations at the ends. Irritations are not caused by allergic reactions. A toxicological analysis by the dermatological clinic at the University of Jena has proven that the HealthTapes adhesive does not cause any toxicological effects.