Health & Tape consists of a team of physiotherapists who have gained many years of experience in the use of kinesiologic tapes. These valuable skills in the application of kinesiologic tape, acquired in an international environment, have systematically and successfully undergone further development in extreme performance sports and have been applied on patients in general practice.

We found optimal opportunities for testing our new nylon kinesiologic tape”HealthTape” and our cotton “Kinesio Tex® Gold” under extreme conditions in the field of high performance sports. Both are now available in Germany for the first time. The valid, reproduceable results that we gained from this experience made us able to significantly improve nearly all of the quality features of our kinesiologic tape that are important to our customers.

Of course, we are glad to share our years of experience in the Kinesio Taping®Method with our customers. At Health & Tape we are not just focused on the sale of our nylon kinesiologic tape “HealthTape” and our “Kinesio Tex® Gold”, but on the constant refinement and development of kinesiologic tape and of Kinesio Taping® as a field in close collaboration with our partners and customers.

The focus of our efforts in all of our work is on developing the longest-lasting durability and best compatibility for our “HealthTape” nylon kinesiologic tape, as well as for the original cotton “Kinesio Tex® Gold”. These properties have confirmed for us by well-known dermatological clinics.

As consultantas, we will always be there to share our experiences with you. Of course, we are also interested in your experiences with our new kinesiologic tape”HealthTape” and “Kinesio Tex® Gold”. We’re already looking forward to hearing from you and getting your emails – or just give us a call!

Until then,

Your Team at Health & Tape